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Tamalpais High Boosters
Funding Policy


1. All funding requests must be initiated through the Tam Athletics Director to assess the legitimacy of the request and the availability of District provided athletic department funds.

2. All requests must be submitted on the approved funding form.

3. Each request must have a vendor estimate attached to the funding request form.

4. If approved, funds will be distributed upon receipt of vendor invoice.

5. Do not assume Booster support. Purchases made without prior Booster authorization may well be declined leaving the purchaser personally responsible for the cost of that purchase.


1. Booster funds are used to “fill the gap” between district funds and the actual costs associated with operating and growing Tams athletic program. Funding for team “climate and culture” expenses: “spirit wear” or “game wear” not returned to the athletic program at the end of the year, end of year celebrations, championship banners, etc., must be funded through individual team ASB accounts.

2. Boosters makes every effort to ensure an equitable distribution of funds without unfairly supporting one or a few sports to the detriment of other programs.

3. Immediate operational needs will take precedent over longer term requests.

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