Welcome to Tam Boosters!

Welcome to the 2019-2020 school year! Every year Tam High strives to get better for students, faculty, administration, and Tam families. Tam Boosters is following that lead and endeavoring to do the same in support of Tam Athletics.

Our annual goal is to raise $150,000 in support of Tam Athletics. This year we’ve made some changes to our fundraising approach in order to better serve Tam Athletics and our donor community. In the past our primary fundraising efforts were made at the beginning of each season of sport. The advantage was that we could be very targeted in our communications to the families of rostered athletes. The disadvantage was that by the Spring sports season much of the Tam donor community was exhausted by the many requests for funding support. In an effort to combat donor fatigue we’re making a major push to gain your support now! Our hope is that by reaching our $150,000 fundraising goal at the beginning of the school year we won’t have to bother our community in the Spring and the Tam Boosters Board can focus our energy on making smart and equitable funding decisions on behalf of Tam athletes and coaches.

Please help us reach our goal. Tam Athletics is the largest extra-curricular program at Tam High. Every year more than 40% of the student body participates in Tam Athletics and the many of these athletes will compete in more than one sport season. Annually, our District only provides about 52% ($165,000) of the total funding needed to run the Tam Athletic program. Tam Boosters is the sole fundraiser for the remaining 48% ($150,000). Boosters will assume the full responsibility for funding athletic trainer beginning this year.

The benefits of high school athletics for athletes are many; growing as an athlete, learning the life lessons that athletics can inspire, and carrying the friendships and memories forever. High school athletics can also benefit the greater community by providing a rallying point for school pride. You can be sure that Tam's athletic teams proudly represent the greater Tam Community throughout MCAL and Northern California. For these reasons we ask that you make a donation to Tam Boosters today.

Please, if you are the family of an athlete, we ask that you donate $250 per athlete for each season of sport that they will participate in. For example, if you have one athlete that participates in two seasons of sport we ask that you donate $500. Participation at any level is important, especially for families of athletes, so if you can’t donate what is asked please donate what you can.

If you don’t have a student that participates in Tam Athletics you can still help! Tam’s athletic teams are comprised of your friends and neighbors. Please show your Tam pride, make a tax free donation of any amount, and come out and cheer on the Hawks!

Thank you for your support!

Please Support Tam Athletics – Donate Today!