Tam Athletics Needs Your Help!

Tam Athletics is made up of 41 teams and over 600 athletes that fill 1,000 roster spots. They have the honor to represent Tam High School and our community with pride, integrity, and competitive spirit. In the last two years our athletes have brought home MCAL and/or NCS pennants in swimming, soccer, track & field, tennis, basketball, water polo, and cross country. However, pennant or no pennant every athlete on every team is learning lessons of perseverance, team work, respect, friendship, health and well being. These pennants and life lessons come at a price beyond blood, sweat, and tears and that’s where Tam Boosters steps in.

Tam Athletics is far and away the largest extra curricular program at Tam High and is run at a cost of $330,000 per year. Our District provides $185,000 of that budget but the remaining $145,000 is covered by Tam Boosters, a non-profit organization that is the only fundraising source for the Tam Athletics programs. We use our fundraising money to cover the costs of essential needs like equipment, uniforms, facilities maintenance and repairs, transportation, needs-based and academic scholarships, tournament fees, baseline concussion testing and more. Unfortunately, because we have not met our normal fundraising goals, we are in a position where we will not be able to fund these basic needs without your help.

If you’re the family of a student-athlete that has not yet contributed to Boosters we need your participation at any level. We respectfully remind you that Boosters spent $150 per roster spot in support of the Tam Athletics program during the 2016-2017 school year. Essentially, if your student athlete played two sports we contributed $300 in support of your athlete. Please support your student-athlete with a donation today.

If you’re the family of a Tam student-athlete and have already donated this school year we thank you and ask that if you have the means to please give a little more. 

Finally, if you’re a concerned Tam family or community member that believes in the value of high school athletics, the life lessons and experience it provides and the community spirit that it can inspire please donate at any level you can.

Thank you for your help!

Please Support Tam Athletics – Donate Today!