Team Parent Guidelines

During the season of sport coaches routinely spend 20 hours or more per week coaching, scouting, organizing and raising funds for their athletic teams. Many coaches are busy Tam teachers while others are fully employed, acting virtually as volunteers. If our teams are going to be organized, successful and fun, our coaches need volunteer support from the parent community. That support may include:


Neither district/Booster nor ASB funds will be distributed to any team without at least a “best guess” budget estimate. Team parents may be asked to help coaches develop budget estimates.


Team parents may be asked to send photos, stories, articles and other information for distribution through Booster and team social media, etc.


All teams have access to Team Snap.  The Team Snap Application helps centralize communication with coaches, athletes, and parents, and is a useful tool for scheduling.


Team parents may be asked to coordinate carpools and request bus/van resources when necessary. Transportation needs must be budgeted in advance.


Team parents may be asked to help budget and coordinate both ASB (climate and culture) and operational and program development (district and Booster) fundraising in accordance with school, District and MCAL rules.


In order to ensure that equipment and uniform needs are accurate, Team parents may be asked to help coaches perform thorough pre-season and post-season equipment/uniform inventory.