Scholarship Application

The Tam High Boosters will award four scholarships this spring to graduating Tam seniors who have demonstrated excellence in attitude and athletics, and leadership.

Rules and Eligibility Requirements

Four scholarships will be awarded: one to a male, one to a female athlete and one for a community college or vocational school applicant; an additional Dan Sapp Memorial scholarship will be awarded to an athlete that demonstrates leadership. Scholarships range from $500-$2,000.

The application must be completed and returned to the College and Career Center or emailed to by April 5, 2024.

  • You must have participated in at least one season of a varsity sports at Tam, (preferably junior or senior years), without requiring a waiver for grades;
  • The Selection Committee may conduct interviews of the applicants;
  • You may use the scholarship to attend any accredited college or licensed vocational school;
  • The application consists of:
    • Your completed information below.
    • Answer the following questions on a separate piece(s) of paper:
      • Describe how participating in Tam Athletics may have enhanced your educational experience or how sports may have influenced your plans for the future.
      • It is not required for a scholarship, but will you participate in college sports, if so, at what level (varsity, club or intramural)?
      • What has been your greatest challenge in school athletics?
      • Describe how you have shown sports leadership within your athletic team or on campus?
    • A letter of recommendation from a Tam coach.  Coach recommendation letters should be emailed directly to or signed/sealed and handed in directly to the College and Career center. 
    • Any additional information, such as recommendations from teachers, that may be helpful to the Selection Committee.