Tam Boosters 2023-2024 Membership

A donation of any amount is sufficient for a Tam Boosters Family Membership. Donations of $250-$499 come with the added benefit of two free tickets to all regular season Tam home basketball and football games. Donations of $500 or more come with four tickets to all regular season Tam home basketball and football games. Note:  Free tickets are not available for homecoming games or post season play.  2023-2024 Membership and the benefits thereof expire June 13, 2024.

If you see your name below you are a current member of 2023-2024 Tam Boosters. If you think you've made a donation but don't see your name on the list, please contact Trish Keane at trish.keane421@gmail.com.

Amy Apple and Rob Cohen

Tamara Arboit

Jocelyn Arelt Kolesnikov

Maximillian and Louise Armour

Florence Attinger

Molly and Samuel Baker

Lisa and Lee Barnes

Cedric Barringer and Andrea Stiassni Barringer

Lisa Barringer and Doron Dreksler

Robert and Juliette Bartlett

Brandon and Audra Bert

Johanna and Kurt Beyer

Amie and Jaime Blanco

Nancy Bloch and David Palestrant

Downey and Jeff Blount

Peter and Carson Buck

Susan and Brice Butler

Matthew Cameron

Greg and Erin Christopher

Jennifer Cormier

Becky and Charlie Cover

Christine Curtin and Robert Savala

Catherine Dann

Christina and Aaron de Zafra

Colleen Donaldson

Brian Duggan

Andrew Earnhardt

Heather and Eric Eberhardt

Kirsten and Bruce Edwards

Ebru Elliott

Christopher Ewing

Kristin Freeland

Vanessa and Ken Frost

Jennifer George and Jeremy Graveline

Marly and Stephen Goldblatt

Peter Goldmacher

Kim Gonthier

Heather and Bill Gordon

Bill and Lynn Graham

Naomi Gray

Desiree and Darin Green

Anna Hakes

Andi and Lucas Hatch

Genevieve Hekemian

Dina and Mark Hexamer

Tavia Holmes

Dabney Ingram and Christian Hackett


Randi and David Ismailer

Patricia and Scott Jampol

Jennifer Jones

Jessica Kaplan

Duncan King

Joy and Mike Koo

Sharon and Rix Kramlich

Sioux Krings

Marian Kwon

Brittany Lauer and Dylan Swift

Janet and Craig Lawson

Alicia and Casey Leach

Juliet and Dan Levinson

Mara Lowry

Karen and Armin Maier

Airin and Will McGinness

Sherief Meleis

Julia Moriarty and Kelly Hoinacki

Stephen and Ritsuko Morse

Todd and Ruthie Moutafian

Brian and Candace Murphy

Elaine Yutan and Peter Murphy

Dan and Eleanor Murray

Ann Marie and Jason Neal

Sue Parsons

Laina Payne

Amy and Jesse Pearson

Iina Poder and Daniel O'Kane

Debbie and Louie Porzio

Bruce and Stephanie Pratt

Leslie and Rob Purchase

Chip Pyfer and Susie Lindstrom

Angela Raffo

Amanda Reeves and Craig Squires

Maria and Peter Reilly

Jed and Sarah Richardson

Larissa Roesch

Jason Rzutkiewicz and Brigitta Erpen

Srinath and Anika Sanda

Beth Scheer

Derek and Iona Scobie

Susannah and Pete Searson

Heidi and Greg Sheffer

Meleis Shereif and Deena Emera

Simone Silverstein

Millicent Skiles

Marijke Smit and Tim Wall

Chrissy and Mike Son

Tina Soppitt

Laura Spence

Steffanie Stoker

Dieter Tremp

Dana and Ted Tuttle

Emily Uhlhorn and Bryan Thornton

Katie Ulvestad

Elizabeth Welborn

John Welborn

Joshua Wyss

Molly and Marc Yasuda

Jon Yolles and Stacy Silver



















Business Partnerships

Nadine Donalds - Coldwell Banker

North Bay Law Group

Good Earth

Ashraf Orthodontics

Body by Binay

Fairytale Brownies

Malugani Tire

Strawberry Seals

Sun First Solar

Wink Optics

Southern Marin Lacrosse